In India, the concept of a family doctor is very familiar and it is the one name that we trust when our loved ones fall sick. At Amin's we have been privileged with the trust our customers have placed on us that has led us to serve them over generations. This has rightly led to us being called as 'The Family Lab'.

Amin's Pathology Laboratory was established in 1979 by late Dr B.M. Amin. The laboratory then moved in to the capable hands of Dr Prafull B Amin and Dr Anil B Amin.

Pioneer in Automation
At a time when laboratory automation could be seen only in tertiary care hospitals, Amin's laboratory was already at the forefront in adopting latest advances in laboratory automation and computerisation. Since 1979, Amin's has kept pace with advances in computers & medical instrumentation.

In 1979 when laboratory automation was limited to big hospitals, Dr. Amin's Pathology Laboratory was first to introduce computerization & Laboratory Automation. Since then, it has kept pace with advances in computers & medical instrumentation.

Amin's laboratory takes pride in its experienced team that has been with the organisations for as long as 35 years. One of the elements that set us apart from our peers is that we have senior phlebotomists who come with an experience of over 3 decades. Not only that, we also offer services from the comfort of your home.

Customer Care
A customer only has to simply walk in to our centerin case of any queries and we would be obliged to explain the report in full detail. We also offer these services over a phone all.

Reports that are easy to understand
Our reports come with the maximum assurance of quality. Amin's reports are trusted worldwide and accepted globally. Our reports are not only colourful but are also easy to read for a customer and give an indication of a person's health at just a glance. It has been our commitment to provide reports that make it easy for our customers to understand and take further action.

Today, Amin's Pathology Laboratory has excellent reputation in India and around the globe. We have earned immense trust of doctors as well as patients, some of them spanning over several generations; which has rightly led us to being called as a Family Laboratory!

Today, it is considered to be one of the best Pathology Laboratory, equipped with latest instrumentation which are fully networked with central computers via LAN (Local Area Network) and offers patients the facility to view their test results on the website (, to save the same to their own computer, print the same on any printer.

The Laboratory is led by a team of well qualified and dedicated professionals who have been with the organization for several decades.


Management Team

A pioneer in Pathology, Dr B.M. Amin worked at the Bombay Hospital for 30 years and was responsible for bringing in major advancements to the laboratory. He had also set up the lab in National Hospital in 1981 which is today called as the Hinduja Hospital.


Dr. Prafull. B. Amin (MD (PATH & BACT), M.A.S.C (U.S.A (Pathologist & Partner)

Dr. Prafull B. Amin did his post graduation M.D. (Path & Bact) in 1966 from Seth G.S. Medical College (K.E.M. Hospital) of Bombay University. He got experience in laboratory automation from Sinai Hospital, Baltimore (U.S.A). 
Armed with a post-graduation MD (Path &Bact) from Bomaby University, he got his bulk of experience in Laboratory Automation from Sinai Hospital, Baltimore (USA). He has also completed a one year fellowship program in Cytology from John Hopkins Hospital.
Dr Amin was renowned for his best practices and was one of the best Histopathologists in his time. He has also been responsible for bringing the best of technology and equipment to India. Some of the examples include 1st auto analyser SMA 12 +2 in bh, Single channel batch analyser. He also pioneered the concept of storing patient records and reports in digital format as early as 1979.
He worked at Bombay Hospital for 14 years handling different sections of the laboratory and then went to strengthen Amin's presence amongst its customers. He has been responsible in many ways for the trust that Amin's has built over the years and the values that Amin's stand for. In 1979, he with his father (Late Dr. B.M. Amin & brother (Dr. Anil. B. Amin) established Dr. Amin's Pathology Laboratory.


The Team
Dr. Gargee Laud M.D. DPB. M.D.

Grant Medical College & JJ Group of Hospital 1996.
D.P.B. College of Physicians & Surgeons Mumbai - 1995

Ms. Neeti L. Pandya (Technical Officer)

Education: M.S. Texas University (U.S.A) in 1969.

Experience: 38 years.

Mr. Prasad Diwan (Technical Officer)

Education: M.Sc.-DMLT. Poona University in April 1972

Experience: 36 years

Mr. Rahul Betai (Technical Officer)

Education: B.Sc.- DMLT. Bombay University in April 1979.

Experience: 29 years.